It can be quite disappointing to discover what the word "silent" means to a ventilation contractor. There are studios worldwide that are highly compromised by ventilation system noise. Most commercial ventilation and air conditioning systems only ever achieve their silent mode noise figures by running at the lowest possible speed and performance, in many cases this can be useless in commercial recording spaces. We do not want to simply sleep silently as most users do, but we want to work hard silently with all the ventilation and cooling requirements that working hard demands.


Fortunately, to engineer a truly silent ventilation and air conditioning system is not an expensive task.


Our experience enables us to engineer systems that have been proven completely inaudible in normal use in the most critical of recording spaces. Many of our systems are unmeasurable on normal NC noise measurement systems, even running at full flow.


A recording space can be terribly compromised by a bad or noisy ventilation system, bad systems can lead to illness, inadequate air flow can lead to premature fatigue and headaches. Sick building syndrome is a well documented ventilation problem. If a system is too noisy in correct operation it is often left to run inadequately and can cause many health issues.


There is little point spending vast quantities of money on specialist spaces to have the overall performance ruined by ignorance on the part of outside suppliers.


For this reason we took control of ventilation and air conditioning on our projects decades ago, we have tried and tested methods that we can guarantee will work perfectly without compromising the working environment or the acoustic performance of the studio space.

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