Projects of note in which Joules contributed significantly to the installation or design of the electro-acoustic systems

Many projects are omitted from this list as to list all would be a very long process.

Jacobs Studios, Farnham

Weemenit Studios, London

Dance Factory Nightclub, Bolton

Roxy Nightclub, Darwen

E-ZEE Studios, London

Blackwing Studios, London

Pink Museum Studios, Liverpool

Strand Studios, London

SSS. PA Hire, Lancashire

Planta Sonica Studios, Spain

Discosette Studios, Portugal

Namouche Studios Portugal

Tobis Film Laboratories, Screening Room, Portugal

S.P.O.T PA Hire Portugal

Odisseia PA Hire Portugal

Registudio, Portugal

Mission Control Mastering, Portugal

Estado Novo Nightclub, Portugal

Johnny Guitar Nightclub, Portugal

Ultimatum Nightclub, Portugal

Mantra Nightclub, Portugal

Centro Cultural do Belem, Portugal

HSL Productions, Blackburn

New York New York Bar, Rotherham

Josephine's Nightclub, Sheffield

Tokyo Project Nightclub, Oldham

Bar 360, Oldham

Stereo (bar), Newcastle

Paradox Nightclub, Caernarfon

Cofi Rock, Caernarfon

051 Club, Liverpool

Garlands Club, Liverpool

Cream (Nation) Club, Liverpool

UCL, London

De Nero's, Newmarket

Chicago Rock Cafe's (All UK venues)

Liquid Nightclubs (All UK venues)

Oceana Nightclubs (All UK venues)

Bowlplex Bowling Alleys (All UK venues)

3 Hardman Sq Manchester (24 floors voice alarm)

Burnley FC VA system

Writhlington School Theatre.

Lynx Lighting, Yeovil

CVA Sound, Weybridge

ESL, Southend

PAI Group, Llanelli

Luminar Leisure, (UK wide)

Community Professional Loudspeakers (UK)