The electrical supply system is probably the most frequently neglected part of the audio chain.


All too frequently the electrical installation gets left to people with little or no competence in audio electrical engineering. Audio electrics are a specialised subject and require a great degree of skill and training to get right.


Standard commercial or industrial electrical installation practices are hopelessly inadequate for an installation so sensitive as a recording studio or sound amplification system, the specialised requirements demand an installation that is many times more solid and stable that normal commercial equipment requires.


Even so-called IT grade power systems only concentrate of stability of voltage and redundancy for constant-draw equipment, such supplies are not adequate for specialised audio system use.


Audio requires an incredibly low impedance connection between equipment, excellent ability to filter to ground for effective operation of internal filtering and freedom from noise and electromagnetic induction problems.

For these reasons we specialise in power for audio.


We insist that our projects include all aspects of our own power installation practices, otherwise we cannot guarantee a correctly working end product.


We have highly skilled staff who are able to efficiently design and install specialised power systems in accordance with any local electrical regulations.


As well as providing excellent power systems for our own projects we also undertake specialised electrical only projects for anyone requiring a good solid clean audio power installation.


We also specialise in long-term power back-up systems for mission critical systems. In many cases our systems go beyond UPS type back up which is usually short duration safe shut-down only, our systems enable continued operation for any length of time.


We offer independent design, installation, and testing services.

We can also offer fault-finding and maintenance services for any professional audio systems power installation.


All of our work is fully tested to the strictest requirements. Certification is supplied upon completion of all work.

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