Keeping The Event Production Industry Safe

UV-C Exposure System for Personal Technical AV Equipment

Following the 2020 outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, the event production industry finds itself working in a new reality. A reality where all equipment in close proximity to a potentially invisibly infected user becomes a bio-hazard to both users and staff alike.


The MB series units have been designed with this new reality in mind.


With the MB series units you can be assured that all items of equipment that the unit is able to accept will be correctly exposed to germicidal, virus killing, UV-C 253nm light.


A foolproof one button factory programmed microprocessor controlled operation system ensures correct exposure times, and a foolproof high precision safety interlock keep operators safe for any UV-C radiation.

MB series units are currently unique as having been designed by a team of world experts from the event production industry specifically to cater for the industries unique needs and workflows. You can be assured that the MB series units will easily and seamlessly integrate into your production environment with minimal fuss or re-training of operatives.


How does it work?


The MB series units use effective 253nm UV-C band ultraviolet light to attack and kill germs and viruses present upon any surface that light can penetrate.


Any object exposed to that light will become free of contamination.


The intensity of light in the MB series units is hundreds of times higher than is required to destroy most pathogens, this allows for effective functioning even when there are issues with shaded surface parts of the subject being treated. It would require the parts to be hundreds of times darker than the general exposure to fail to be adequately treated.

Such units in a far more fragile format have been used effectively and regularly in laboratory and healthcare environments for many years. Similar systems are also used on factory production lines making sterile products for healthcare. UV-C is a tried and tested effective sterilisation method that has least risks of incorrect application, ensuring the security of the user.



Why an MB series unit?


The MB series unit is the first, original unit specifically designed with the needs of the event production industry in mind. Until the development of the original MB72 there were no units on the market tailored for the needs of the AV industry.


The MB series units are designed to present items to the light source in a way that effectively exposes as many surfaces as possible and ensures the highest risk surfaces will be adequately exposed.


Unlike laboratory equipment which is designed for skilled users who decide the exposure levels depending on clinical needs, units for the AV industry need pre-set exposure times so that busy event operatives cannot fail to adequately expose the items. Exposure times that take into account the nature and complexities of the surfaces of our equipment.


MB series units are robust, built for the kind of life that equipment in a production environment can expect. Our large units are made from 18mm Baltic birch plywood, the same material that touring loudspeakers have been made from for decades, a material that stands being loaded in and out of trucks on a daily basis in all conditions. Our touring versions are additionally flight-cased and shock-mounted for increased durability.

Evidential study into effective methods of sterilising stage equipment

Why UV-C?


While there are various alternatives to UV-C light to kill pathogens none are viable in a fast moving production environment.


Alcohols require longer exposure time than they can remain on a surface before evaporating, unless they are suspended in a gel.


Thermal treatment needs to be slow to avoid damaging the equipment with high temperatures, as there is a very narrow window between the temperature needed to kill pathogens and the glass transition point of plastics where they lose structural rigidity.


Chemicals in solution such as chlorine bleach will damage sensitive electronic devices and cannot be prevented from entering where they  should not go.


UV-C exposure has proven to be the only truly viable proposition for event environments.

Designed specifically for AV industry needs.


The Phoenix project started from zero when Newell Acoustic Engineering were approached by the technical department of a large national theatre to advise upon possible solutions to stage equipment sterilisation. It immediately became obvious that there were no safe practical solutions to keep multi-artist events running in a way that would adapt to the new realities of events in a post-Covid world.


At that point it was suggested that we could build a solution to address the needs of the theatre and the larger AV industry.


Newell Acoustic Engineering was one of the last old-school electro-acoustic engineering companies still operating globally, where we still custom engineer many bespoke items that we cannot obtain for our projects. As a result we had a full modern development and fabrication shop in our facilities, we had invested heavily in modern disruptive technology that allowed previously unthinkable levels of manufacturing capability. things like small scale CNC routers, laser cutters, 3D print farms, electronics prototyping software, and the latest CAD packages that can integrate all aspects of design into one environment.


This technology enabled us to go from the first conversation to a 100% bespoke machine in just three weeks. every aspect of the MB72 is custom engineered, from the controller PCBs down to the door handles. Everything was developed and designed by our own teams so we kept absolute control over the parameters we needed to provide a safe effective solution.


Custom designed wide opening external door hinges and mechanism free magnetic door closures ensure that there are no small inaccessible areas that can't be easily cleaned.

Custom lamp holders ensure that the lamps are adequately protected in transit and use, ensuring long lamp life.

The Bespoke CNC machined cabinet ensures easy transportation of the unit and the ruggedness that the industry needs.

Our all aluminium interior is designed for optimum light diffusion and reflection to ensure all objects are correctly exposed.


Great in-depth studies were carried out into the nature of UV-C sterilisation and exposure rates and the MB series units were designed to effectively function within these parameters.

With a nominal exposure rate of well in excess of 10mw/cm2, the MB72 is calculated to be able to kill the SARS Cov-2 virus, which requires between 10 and 20mw/cm2/sec to kill, in 1 second at full exposure. A normal exposure cycle of 2 minutes therefore ensures that adequate exposure is always achieved in shaded areas.

All units are competently engineered by experts, fully tested and conform to legally required EU standards.

Every unit is shipped with a full QC test sheet.


The model MB72 is a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm, 72 watt, 10mw/cm2 UVC exposure chamber designed for concert, theatre, film, and television use which will also be ideal for other conference and exhibition events.

The model MB72T is a flight cased road modified touring version of the standard MB72


The core of the concept of the model MB72 is a cassette-like system of carrier trays for the equipment to be exposed. All trays are designed to provide maximum exposure to the items mounted on them.


There are two standard cassettes available.


The T16 tray, which is a flat board with 16 vertical XLR mounts for standard microphones.


The UF1, which is a multi-use frame for mounting clip-on items, items that can be hung (like headsets) and a bar-grid for sitting large items on.




In addition to the two standard cassette trays, Newell Acoustic Engineering continue our tradition of bespoke engineering to bring a custom cassette design service. If you have any requirements for mounting any specific items we can design and produce a custom solution.


Technical Specifications.


Dimensions.                                   63cm x 63cm x 73cm


Voltage                                           220V


Light source                                  2 x 36W TUV Low pressure gas UVC 250nm


Microcontroller                              ATMEGA 8 bit Arduino platform – Code, open source.


Ballast                                            Electronic instant start


Cabinet material                            18mm Baltic Birch Plywood


Safety mechanisms                       Door, hard kill switch, positionally accurate.


Exposure cycle                              Standard exposure 2 minutes, User option alternatives.


Item support                                  Optional standard cassettes, or custom support systems.


User control                                   Single button start, manual door operation.


Indicators                                       Door Closed, Running, Cycle complete.


UV radiated power                         10mW / CM2 or higher


Lamp life                                         9000hr. = 270,000 cycles.


UV Spectrum

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