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It has been said that knowledge is power.


There are theories that keeping one’s knowledge secret is the best path to financial gain and power.


If all you have to trade upon are secrets and tricks, it is a very fragile position indeed you find yourself in. In today’s world, absolutely nothing is secret, anything can be reversed engineered or copied, developments are rapid, and once powerful secret methods are often quickly rendered yesterday’s technology without collaborative development.


We find it better to concentrate on improving our overall knowledge through collaboration, sharing, and collective effort. Special things happen when different chains of thought come together and look at challenges from many different perspectives. Conclusions are more robust when they have been challenged before different opinions prior to being acted upon.


We follow the now proven theories of open source engineering, we are adequately confident that all our work and methods stand up to close scrutiny, and occasionally where they don’t, we learn from those who challenge them. We have no issues in publishing all of our theories and methods, and providing pictorial records of the work we do.


We firmly believe that our advantage is in our accumulated knowledge and skill, our expert team, and our years of real-life experience. Our teams have hundreds of years of collective learning that allow us to resolve issues at the drop of a hat when we call upon that vast resource of experience.


We have been collectively publishing our deepest studies in respected industry journals and institute proceedings for decades, for all to see. We have received considerable feedback and suggestions from these publications, and we are confident that our methods, theories, and techniques are technically sound and robust.


We work in an industry that is highly prone to myth, supposition, deception, and the sale of snake-oil products. As reproduced audio is a subjective thing, there can be many ways to interpret results, often the scientific answers are hidden deep in complex interactions that are difficult to penetrate, this can lead people to make rushed assumptions and assume things that simply just don’t stand up to scrutiny. There are many purveyors of miracle boxes and magic sponge who when confronted about the true workings of their product will quote trade secret as their answers to hide the lack of proven science behind the product.


You will never see us saying that something is confidential, secret, or proprietary information, if challenged, we allow our customers to show everything we have done for them, and we are open to any kind of inspection or scrutiny. We base all our work on repeatable provable concepts that we can publish and demonstrate.


Here in the literature section we will continually add new material that we base our studies upon as we develop things. Keep an eye on this space, interesting items can appear here from time to time.



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