Joules Newell

Electro-acoustics Systems Engineer.

in 1985 Joules started on an HND in Electrical and Electronic Engineering course  with the aim of becoming an audio systems engineer. This course was cut short by an offer not to be refused where Joules became the systems and maintenance engineer for E-ZEE studios in London. It was there serving as a full time engineer for 5 full production rehearsal and one recording studio where joules pent the first 2 years of his career cutting his teeth along side many major international touring crews. 

Upon departure from E-ZEE Joules. began to build up his own small scale touring system. Never one to take the easy path, rather than buying a pile of second hand equipment, Joules chose to explore the boundaries of his skills by constructing his own custom solution. So effective was the result that this system went on to find a good market for 5 or 6 years of hire use, based primarily on its ability to out perform systems many times its size. During the design process Joules was able to take advantage of the then revolutionary Techron TEF analysis systems to adjust and tune the system for optimum output. The lack of DSP systems in the 1980's meant that all the adjusting and tuning had to be physical alterations to both acoustic and electronic components.

Following many years in the UK rental market which was predominantly shaped around the early 1990s rave scene, Joules took the opportunity to return to the live production market by moving to the south of Europe, Portugal to be precise. It was there that he was instrumental in the creation of what became the country's premier concert sound and lighting supplier S.P.O.T. At S.P.O.T he was responsible for the day to day system engineering with Community and Martin Audio F2 systems. It was here that S.P.O.T. where a close working relationship with Ampco (Holland) and EML (Belgium) was formed primarily in systems engineering and equipment choice. After in excess of 1,000 shows with S.P.O.T, Joules moved to rival company Odisseia / SSE Portugal. This time running Electrovoice MT4 systems and Nexo Alpha. Again completing well in excess of 500 shows mostly with major international touring acts.

Whilst Working in Portugal Joules also completed installations contracts for Spanish Acoustic experts Reflexion-Arts where several exceptionally high quality club installs which comprised of a mix of acoustic and electro-acoustic solutions obtained outstanding results.

Similarly with Reflexion-Arts Joules completed a great deal of recording studio systems installations varying from a simple mastering room system to splicing two vintage Neve mixing desks into one new custom desk.

The late 1990's saw a digital revolution in electro-acoustic systems engineering and Joules was keen to keep ahead of the field. Use of systems such as the TOA SOARI units, BSS Omnidrive, and later XTA DSP units was employed as early as possible. Joules's in depth acoustic knowledge and early use of systems such as JBL's SMAART analysis software enabled him to exploit the new possibilities of DSP processing to obtain outstanding results both on the road and in fixed installations.

Joules rapidly became competent on many DSP systems, both fixed and open arcitecture, and there is hardly a system today that he cannot obtain a satisfactory result from.

As well as the operational and electro-acoustic design aspects, Joules is expert in system architecture and installation design.

Upon his return to the UK in 1999 Joules as part of the team at HSL Productions in his home town of Blackburn took the companies rental audio systems from what were no more than the content of a large van to being well in excess of 200,000 watts that were sufficient to provide a whole festival site of stages and tents with audio systems.

It was here at HSL that Joules also took on the role of UK technical support for Community Loudspeakers. Whilst working with Community, Joules also worked on development of new touring systems with company founder Bruce Howze.

After 4 years at HSL Joules moved on to major UK systems installer Lynx Lighting. Here Joules headed up the R&D side where he was responsible for the on-going design and development of Lynx's own range of installation products. As well as working on product development Joules was responsible for overall installation design and management of all Lynx's audio systems. This was in excess of over 200 UK venues.

Since this time at Lynx, Joules has operated freelance for many of the UK's major installers and has built up a catalogue of well over 500 installations where he has had some form of input.

As a result of this extensive experience, Joules has an unparalleled portfolio of electro-acoustic system knowledge ranging from the finest CD mastering suites to the largest of emergency evacuation systems and all in-between.

There is no doubt that should you contract his services you will bring an un-paralleled level of system knowledge built up over his 25 years at the forefront of electro-acoustic system engineering.