What makes a difference between a poorly finished project and a really great result is a thousand little things. All the bits you forgot, All the bits you didn't realise we needed to do. Almost every project will sooner or later arrive at that point.


Worry not, with decades of experience behind us we are totally accustomed to all of this. The equipment that arrives with no mounting brackets, the special box with no special cable, or the big obvious equipment rack that nobody thought to order. We can easily deliver all of this without any fuss or panic and deliver perfectly formed ergonomic solutions.


We have a vast range of bespoke furniture that we have delivered for customers, tables, equipment racks, cabling systems, and even those special control panels to make using that special piece of equipment just that little bit easier.


What use a studio full of gear if it is difficult to use, or get to. What use a studio that is a mess of gear that takes hours to connect and always has some configuration issues.


Everything should have a place, and there should be a place for everything!


Our studio infrastructure solutions can make all the difference between a studio being a pain to use and an absolute joy.


Poor equipment ergonomics are not just an inconvenient nuisance to be tolerated, they can be dangerous, as well as long term repetitive stress injury they can cause trip or fall hazards, and even electrical hazards. It is a serious problem for any worker or customer.


For this reason, and from being users ourselves, we make sure that all our projects have the correct ergonomics and infrastructure to deliver a safe working environment for years to come.


Money spent now on good ergonomics is very quickly recovered in terms of operating efficiency and customer recommendation, not to mention endless lost hours looking for things and plugging things in.

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