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In order to deliver a truly professional product every aspect of calculating, planning, and design must be carefully considered with knowledge and experience. No aspect should be left to chance or in the hands of the inexperienced. Specialised technical acoustic spaces require specialised knowledge and understanding. Just one small oversight or omission can render a complex project useless. It is imperative that every aspect of electro-acoustic design is carefully managed, integrated, and overseen to deliver the finest results. We pride ourselves in providing a ground-up all-inclusive design service that will guide any project all the way to delivery.


We cannot leave any aspect to chance, for this reason we have spent years learning, developing, and improving our techniques in every aspect of the design that will impact on the end result. Complex studies of detailed acoustic system properties in university laboratories over many years has lead us to a world leading level of knowledge in acoustic treatment. Years or research and trials in audio system interconnect and integration enables us to ensure that all our systems work flawlessly. Decades of experience in electrical systems for specialist audio applications allows us to design strong, safe, and silent electrical systems that are future-proof, robust, and reliable in all circumstances. Study of specialist data systems infrastructure for audio and video systems use allows us to specify, design, and deliver faultless, certified data networks with adequate capacity and topography for all current and near-future use.


With decades of design and construction experience we can be sure to provide a professional level of service, every aspect from a simple domestic project to a large multi-contractor fully tendered package can be dealt with to the finest degree. We have vast experience of project safety, design safety, and user safety in our many years of project delivery, everything from user ergonomics to end-of-life deconstruction impacts are covered. A high degree of renewable resources, recyclable materials and reusable systems are implemented along with comparatively low obsolescence that ensures our designs are responsible, sustainable and long-lived.


Every type of project can be accommodated, from just a design service, all the way to a turnkey project from the ground up, we can plan, advise, consult, and design any scale of project to fit almost any budget. Every customer, no matter how big or small receives the same level of attention and service as all your projects are our projects and we care deeply about every project we put our name to. Some of our most advanced techniques have been born from our smallest projects due to the unique constraints they present us with, so just because a project is large or small does not mean it will receive any more or less attention.



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