Electro-acoustic systems have three principle paths, each of which is of equal importance to the end result. None of which may be compromised should we wish to deliver the best possible results.


Firstly, there is the creative signal path, the route from the brain of the artist all the way through to the brain of the listener. Largely we call this our signal path. This is where the captured sound passes through the entire production process on the way to the listener’s ears. Sound can be acoustic waves, the sound of a performance space, electronic analogue audio, digital audio, data, high level amplified signals, and eventually acoustic waves again in the listening space. This is a linear start to end path that affects the product at every stage. The technical integrity of this path is critical to the quality of the end result.


Secondly, we have our power path. If we want to manipulate sound in the modern world we have to turn it into electrical energy, whether it becomes analogue or digital signals all of these signals need electricity. The electricity is a fundamental requirement and good electricity is crucial to a good result.


Thirdly, we have a feedback path that is the production environment, this is in effect a processing side-chain. Events here often happen offline when the artist is not performing, and the signal that the artist created on its way to the listener does not pass through this loop. This includes the whole monitoring environment, the control room, the speakers, the control surfaces, the ergonomics of the production environment, the ease of use of the equipment and the ability to control the sound in the required manner.

All of this greatly affects the end result despite the signal itself not passing through this part of the process. Monitoring affects all decisions, control surfaces affect the degree of creative input, ergonomics affect the perception and decisions of the operator, and the production environment affects everyone in it.


Only when all of these three paths are engineered to optimum standards can we ever hope to create a great production environment.

Over decades of audio system construction and acoustic environment construction we have come to learn that unless every aspect of all three paths are correct the end result will not be correct.


We have learned how to design, build, configure, and deliver every aspect of every product we deliver. Nothing ever gets left to chance or at the mercy of a subcontractor who is not fully aware of the whole consequences of what they are involved in.


Our team and our contractors have been delivering great quality results for years, because we can control everything in the construction process we can be sure that schedules and budgets are tightly controlled and that the quality of our work is as good as it can be.


The biggest difference in using our team of experienced expert constructors is the confidence that we can deliver excellent results as expected on time, every time.

Our construction sites are always well equipped with the latest and most efficient equipment that allows us to build efficiently and safely with the least complications and stresses. We have a standard and extensive list of common site requirements and conditions that help everyone involved work as happily and efficiently as possible.


We use methods and processes that are designed to comply with the most common construction and safety standards worldwide, our equipment is carefully chosen to be the most appropriate and safe in the environment we use it. Where local peculiarities require different equipment or methods we adapt our processes to comply.


 All our workers are fully trained and competent in their respective fields. While we cannot certify everyone in every local market worldwide we are fully compliant in at least one advanced national jurisdiction.

Our teams have an excellent safety record and are accustomed to working in all kinds of local environments worldwide. Not only are we extremely serious about construction safety, but we take operational and maintenance safety equally as seriously. All of our projects are carried out with greatest care for the impact our work has on everyone and the environment we work and live in.


All of our work is internally audited, tested, and certified, it is also presented for local inspection and certification where required. In many cases, as an international operation, we require that the local representative engages with all local regulatory bodies required prior to the start of construction. Where local experts are required to oversee operations, we work under their guidance. As an international operation, we cannot hope to comply with every local regulatory requirement, but we ensure that our standard practices exceed regulations wherever possible, where local modifications are needed we work closely with local specialists to ensure a smooth and amicable project for all involved.


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