In the perfect world everything would be done perfectly first time, every time, without fail. While we cannot create the perfect world we can ensure that what we do is delivered without fault.


In the processing of testing and commissioning we deliver the end product to ourselves, we receive the raw result, flaws and all, and our team of experts analyse the product with a critical eye before our engineers have left. Every aspect is meticulously scrutinised and any flaws exposed for rectification.


This is why we test and commission our work.


Once the dust has settled and the heavy work is out of the way it is time for the finer aspects. A reflection on what has been achieved, and a thorough inspection of what we did.


With our vast experience and knowledge of what is most likely to go wrong we can inspect the job with a close eye and look for any minor issues that have slipped through in the heat of the construction phase. Sometimes it is that little job that got put off for a while and never returned to, or it could be bad materials or faulty equipment, but either way nothing can escape the inspection phase.


Inspection will include full continuity and polarity checks on all audio lines. Network qualification tests on all data lines, and a full electrical inspection of the whole electrical system. Structural and cosmetic inspections are carried out, reports are generated, and any flaws remedied.


Following a full inspection comes a full commissioning test, in this test all equipment is configured and aligned. All equipment will be test operated and confirmed to be free from operating faults, noises, and configuration problems.


Where systems require regulatory inspections by third parties, or standards complacence inspection, failure can be a costly problem, even when temporary dispensations are issued, the cost of re-inspection can be significant. For this reason we pre-inspect all our own projects prior to delivery to the exact test criteria that the external inspectors will use, this way we can be fully confident they will comply when tested, or we have adequate data to challenge the verdicts on the spot.


We are capable of performing and documenting detailed acoustic analysis of any project whether it is our own or a third party project. We offer comprehensive test, alignment, programming and commissioning services.


As a result of our extensive experience in both acoustics and environmental noise control we can provide comprehensive advice and documentation for regulatory purposes in the event you may be having such problems. Often good acoustic advice can save a lot of money spent on ineffective quick fix solutions.

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