We Build.


There is little more rewarding in life than taking an idea, a conversation, a dream, and turning that abstract concept into a real life working thing that can be touched, used, seen, and enjoyed by many. For this reason, we build.


What is more, when this concept is passed through the hands of skilled, experienced professionals who’s input is valued and nurtured the project can take on a life of its own growing into a thing of beauty through a process of input from many decades of collective experience. For this reason, we build as a team.


When we have a team of skilled experts with vast collective experience, the process of creation can become a collective effort to a single common goal that is the result of all the collective knowledge. Our teams have developed fine-tuned construction techniques that allow them to build efficiently to a very high standard. We work with collective experience across a whole range of skills, while most of our team are skilled studio constructors we each have areas of speciality that complement the whole process. From stonework to glass, from electricity to audio electronics, we can deliver every aspect of a project with a core team who we know will deliver the ideal result.


Our teams have worked worldwide across many continents for decades and have built up a range of experienced that is unparalleled in acoustic construction. From recording studios to film dubbing stages, through nightclubs to home theatres we have built up a wide range of experience and skills in-house.

Our work has been independently certified to the highest standards by major global organisations in technical construction.



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