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Audio systems. Everything we do goes into creating the correct environment to operate audio systems.


The audio system is the core of our work, our reason for being, and for that reason is what we excel at. We have a team of some of the best audio systems engineers we can find, decades of top-end experience, unparalleled expertise. Many of our teams are members of international audio related institutes and societies, we have contributed and written many academic papers in our fields. We work closely with other experts and universities in our research and we have members of international standards committees on our teams.


Our decades of field experience in all aspects of audio systems engineering gives us an ability to provide on-the-spot expert diagnosis and advice, we are able to engineer systems that are advanced, bespoke, and robust for any application we encounter. Our audio engineering is to the highest quality and had been audited by under the most stringent conditions. We have a very high first time pass rate for external audits, and pride ourselves in the standard of our work, both visually and technically.


We work with both historic vintage equipment and the latest modern systems, often combining the two in ways that only decades of experience can deliver.


Our audio cabling systems are as good as it can get. We don't use "snake oil" products, esoteric materials, or tricks and deception when it comes to positioning and interconnect, we try not to get involved in Hi-Fi myths that so often permeate into professional audio. All our systems use professional quality materials and products engineered to the optimum standards. All of our cabling standards and equipment interconnect follows industry best practice, industry standards, and all of our methods are based in solid scientific theories and practices.

Our installations are always free from unwanted outside noise and interference, we don't ever leave a system until it is as quiet as is to be expected, but more often than not, just following good practice delivers noise-free systems first time.


Our systems work is so good as to be in high demand from other industry suppliers, we often supply subcontract teams for major installation projects. You never know where you will find our work. From retail, to sporting, from finance, to concert venues our work is out there still working as designed decades after the original install.


In the most critical of situations we are ideally suited to delivering the best possible results, this is where we excel, the most difficult of circumstances such as integrating old vintage gear into modern systems where the end user expects a noise floor way below the original industry expectations from when the gear was new.


While we are well experienced with legacy systems we are also expert in modern system infrastructure, audio over IP, digital audio transmission formats, IT based in-the-box systems, wireless technologies and many other modern solutions are in our daily line of work. The real fun is in integrating this with other technologies to deliver new and interesting bespoke solutions.


At Newell Acoustic Engineering we have delivered some of the most advanced and complex recording studio audio systems on the market today.


One thing you can be sure of is we are as excited about your gear as you are, and we care as much (if not more) than you do to make it perform its best.

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