Joules Newell

Electro-acoustics Engineer.

Areas of expertise.

Acoustic design and control

High resolution audio system design

Product specification

System maintenance

System installation

Lighting system design

Lighting system maintenance

DSP System processor programming

Data networks

Venue noise control


Joules started working in the audio business in 1984. His first job was a trainee at a local sound and lighting installer. After attending an HND course in electrical and electronic engineering he moved to London to work as maintenance engineer at what was then Europeís largest music rehearsal and recording facility. Whilst working there he worked with most of the biggest artists and production companies. Having completed a successful stint there he moved on to work for Reflexion Arts, a recording studio design and construction company. In his role as project manager Joules was responsible for the interpretation of design, construction and wiring of the studios. Within the same job he also acted as test and commissioning engineer.

1989 saw Joules move into the sound reinforcement business with his own sound systems rental company. This company enjoyed great success in its local area and through to 1993 completed hundreds of rentals. Eventually in 1993 Joules was tempted to sunnier climates and returned to Reflexion Arts working on their projects in Spain and Portugal. Whilst there he oversaw the construction of 10 recording studios and completed the equipment installations. During this time he also ran further projects acoustically treating and installing various night clubs.

Whilst continuing to enjoy the climate Joules took up the role of senior systems engineer at what became the countries leading live systems rental company. This company was the Iberian representative of Dutch sound company Ampco, and Belgian lighting company EML / Vari*lite. Joules worked with this company for 4 years managing their systems to turn them into the premier player in that market supplying live music events, theatre, broadcast and conference markets. Following a move to their competitor, Joules again worked as a senior systems engineer for the southern European operations of Birminghamís SSE hire. Whilst working for these live companies Joules also ran a CD mastering studio of his own, bringing in clients such as EMI, Sony Music BMG, and Polygram.

1999 saw Joules return to the UK and join the team at Blackburnís HSL where, with others, he took HSLís audio department from a basic single small hire system to a major player in the UK rental market with more than 200,000 watts of sound systems and many major clients. Whilst at HSL Joules also joined Community Loudspeakers as their UK service and support engineer and eventually working on development projects with Bruce Howze.

After 5 years with HSL Joules was eventually tempted by Lynx Lighting to become their Audio manager where he was responsible for all things audio, this included the continued R&D of their own loudspeaker systems. Quite surprisingly after 2 years at Lynx the owners decided to withdraw from the UK installations market following 3 decades of service, consequently Joules became a freelance engineer.

After some 6 years of continual freelance work Joules is now beginning an enterprise of his own.

Joules brings with him a massive amount of practical experience in all fields, from huge live rock festivals, TV broadcast sound, theatre sound and lighting, recording studio, pub and club systems, business installation, right through to the simplest of music playback systems. It is estimated that Joules has been involved in the installation, either permanent or temporary of over 4,000 systems during his career.