Joules Newell Acoustic Engineering (Unipessoal) Lda is based in Caparica Portugal.


The company covers the operations of Joules Newell MIOA. MinstSCE. and his team delivering electro-acoustic engineering operations worldwide.


Joules Newell started studio construction in 1985 as an assistant constructor, by 1986 he'd begun solo operations installing studio monitoring systems and equipment, Working with his own team by 1987 he was delivering Philip Newell designed studios for customers around the UK.


Over the years Joules and his team have worked in many areas of professional audio, from recorded sound to live sound, onto commercial audio and life safety systems.


Our team is a flexible and fluid organisation that is contracted on a job by job basis yet many members have been working together for us for well over 20 years.


Each job has a team perfectly tailored to that job which enables us to work in the most efficient manner.


On a recent project it was calculated that the studio construction team we used had collectively over 110 years of studio building experience. There cannot be many more teams in the world with such experience, yet nobody on that team was over 50 years of age so the experience was widely distributed among the team.


Newell Acoustic Engineering has existed in various countries in various forms for over 30 years.


Our principle purpose is electro-acoustic engineering, and delivering studios to the design philosophy of Philip Newell.


Philip Newell is involved in many of our projects on advisory, design, and consulting roles when the customer so specifies. We also deliver many of Philip's projects when the customer requires a turnkey solution.


We have a full workshop facility at our base where we carry out R&D, small scale manufacturing, bespoke engineering, and loudspeaker system construction for our sister company Electromotive Laboratories.


We remain in close contact with most of our previous customers providing on-going support and advice, and sometimes, just a chat. Over the years we have made some close friendships with our clients and hope to continue that tradition. We like to maintain a friendly personal relationship wherever possible, but similarly we are perfectly able to deal in a businesslike manner on large projects with many contractors. Some of our projects have required us to manage over 100 workers through various subcontract companies. These circumstances, however, do not prevent a good friendly close working relationship when properly managed.



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