What do we do?


We do sound. To faithfully recreate the artistic moment anywhere, at any time, to anybody, takes a degree of perfection in the engineering chain that cannot hinder, detract from, nor degrade the original performance. It must allow all the creative professionals in the chain to work to their full capacity, without compromise, to deliver faithfully the result that the artist originally intended.


To seamlessly engineer equipment, spaces, systems, and processes to be transparent, both acoustically and in their operation, takes a degree of engineering that only comes with years of professional dedication. It is a long process of hard work, trial, learning, adapting, mastering, inventing, breaking, repairing, and knowing the whole process from start to end. These processes require a degree of professional expertise, an experience learned over many decades of the continuous pursuit of the ideal conditions in which to work with audio.


It is essential to be passionate about what we do, we are not just technical engineers, we have working sound engineers, mastering engineers, musicians, electronic engineers, and acousticians, that are also carpenters, electricians, riggers, wiring engineers, and cabinet makers, we have a team that is truly dedicated to the product we deliver. Our team have many qualifications in audio and acoustics, and we have members of the Institute of Acoustics, the Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers, the Audio Engineering Society, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. We have people who sit on various international standards committees at some of the highest levels striving to improve our industry. Our team regularly contribute to published electro-acoustic related scientific papers and Journals around the world, constantly looking for ways to improve what we do.


Since 1985 we have been delivering electro-acoustic engineering solutions for the professional audio industry. From recording studios, to nightclubs, theatres, film studios, live shows, bars, and homes we have delivered literally thousands of results all around the world, both in our own name and working as specialist contractors under other company’s names.


In all cases our goal is one and the same, to deliver the best possible sound for the customer’s needs without further compromise, to never allow any result less than we deem excellent, and to make every job just that little bit better than the last in our continuous learning in our pursuit of the best.


We take a holistic view of our work, one cannot ever seek the ultimate if one does not have full control of all the factors which affect the end result. With this aim we often start right at the beginning with the choice of venue, environmental factors, and structures. We continue to control and deliver electrical, ventilation, data, building services, access, and layout of the design, while finally delivering optimum ergonomics, lighting, furniture and ensure only the most ideal equipment is installed.


We don't sell studio gear. We are not looking to maximise profit from the end result. This way you can be sure that when we give advice it is purely technical advice based on our best knowledge, not somebody looking to make the most profit from inappropriate gear. In order for us to maintain the ability to be independent consultants and advisors we have chosen to refrain from equipment sales. All we sell is the space we create, systems installation services construction or installation materials, and our own loudspeaker systems that were made tailored especially to our spaces. The rest is up to you. For turnkey bespoke projects we can involve one of our great sales partners who will supply anything we specify. We take no commission from those sales so remain entirely independent.


Our staff are highly trained, very experienced professionals in all these aspects and more. We frequently remain in contact with many of our customers many years after the project left our hands providing ongoing advice, and receiving some great feedback.


It is not just about what we build, but about how it works, how it is used, and that it has to get great results first time, every time. Nothing less than optimum will do.



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